LipoCeutical® Glutathione

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“LipoCeutical®” is a coined word that is a combination of: "liposomes" and "nutriceutical" (nutrient supplement). Scroll down for more information about our liposome technology.

LipoCeutical® Glutathione is a liquid that is meant to be taken orally and is sold as a dietary supplement. It is made by a unique process.

Studies with LipoCeutical® Glutathione show that the liposomes are absorbed after oral ingestion and have tissue function. A recent study has demonstrated that LipoCeutical® Glutathione increases glutathione levels even in situations of severe oxidation stress (Kern 2011).

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The best time to take it is in the morning on an empty stomach.  It can be taken “straight” or mixed in water or juice. Drink immediately. Wait 20 minutes before eating.

The recommended adult serving is one teaspoon per day, but some extremely sensitive people (or those who take many pharmaceuticals) should go "low and slow". Start with 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon, and work up to one teaspoon. Many people take 2 or more teaspoons a day.

Because glutathione contains sulfur, this product has a sulfur aroma and taste. It has not gone bad! Sometimes you may see golden streaks or clusters. This is to be expected.

Because liposomes tend to cluster together, be sure to shake the bottle before each use.

The best place to store LipoCeutical® Glutathione is in the refrigerator.

Liposome Technology

LiposomeA Liposome

Liposomes are small spheres (100-500 nanometer size), or liquid bubbles, made from Essential Phospholipids (EPL). EPL are natural components of human and animal cell membranes. A continuous supply of EPL, or its constituents, is essential for cell maintenance.

In its simplest form, the outer portion of the liposome is fat soluble and the inner portion is water soluble. This makes liposomes ideal for carrying water soluble materials into the body.

In this product the liposome is wrapped around glutathione. Click here to view one of our (magnified) liposomes.

The following study revealed that liposomes create an opportunity to carry materials into the body that would otherwise not be orally absorbed into the system.

These findings are in concert with previous studies in humans that show that the absorption of phospholipids is higher than 90%. The study demonstrates that 40 - 80% of EPL is incorporated into the HDL. HDL (high density lipoprotein) is the so called "good cholesterol" that helps protect against heart attack. (Zierenberg, O., S.M. Grundy, J. Lipid Research 23 (1982) 1136-1142) A study with LipoCeutical® Glutathione shows that this liposomal preparation can help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol (Rosenblat, 2007).

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